Such A Mess

by Abi Robins

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released February 27, 2013

Produced by Abi Robins and Nick Price
Engineered by Abi Robins
Mixed by Nick Price
Mastered by Sean Renner



all rights reserved


Abi Robins Denver, Colorado

On the fore-front of the burgeoning neo-folk scene, Robins spends her time traveling and sharing her music as well as supporting several other musicians through Morning Bird Records. Community oriented with DIY sensibilities, but deeply grounded in self-reliance, Robins continues to impact the indie music scene across the country. ... more

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Track Name: Let Me Explain
I'm well away of the way I get
You don't have to tell me
I get so lost inside my head
The world gets so hard to see

And I know it's no excuse
But I do it all for you

This confidence you see
It's just a clever act
To hide the fact
I'm scared beyond belief

I try to keep it under wraps
But I'm such a mess
Anything that I get right, well
It's just a lucky guess

It's all just slight of hand
No one seems to understand

What I'm really trying to say is
It's my first try at this
What I'm really trying to say is
Please be patient
Track Name: All In Your Head
Don't waste time
Don't waste second chance
Two things you'll never get back
You've had more than your share
Of both
From me

And All you think you've been
It's all in your head

Speak your mind
Oh no don't sit there quiet
We both know
You've got something to say
I've heard enough
You haven't said a thing
If you have, I wasn't listening

I know it's a two way street
That runs from you to me
But I don't want to go
To your side of town
So I'll wait
For you to come around
Track Name: I, Of The Tiger
You've got that look in your eye
I think I know the reason why
You like to keep to your self
You don't get a long with anybody else

You've been locked up in that cage
I don't think anyone could blame you

You wait until the time is right
Steal away in the middle of the night
The taste of blood makes your eyes glow
Your true colors are starting to show

They're all coming after you
Don't tell me you didn't know
Don't tell me you didn't know

They're all coming after you
Don't tell me you didn't know
Don't tell me you didn't see this coming
Track Name: Best Ideas
I've got the best ideas
But I've got the worst laid plans
I keep the world at arms length
Smiling as wide as I can

I swing from my hips
But got no follow through
I've got tricks up my sleeve
And holes in my shoes

I might beat you to the punch
But you'll always hit harder
And I guess that I'm alright with the fact
I haven't gotten any farther

I look great on paper
And fall flat in real life
I can see the future
But time's on your side

It could be
Any of a thousand things
That I just can't name
And except for all our differences
We're exactly the same
Track Name: Wasting My Time
I stand myself next to a mountain
And wonder why I feel small
I find myself surrounded by questions
Wondering, what difference it makes at all

Cause it's all a plan
Made of my own design
Every voice I hear
Tells me I'm wasting my time

Lately I've been coming up short
With anything clever to say
Cause I don't like the sound of the truth
No one's listening anyway

And I'm so scared I lost it
And I'm so scared it was never there at all
Track Name: Painful Parts
Time heals all wounds
But it sure does leave a scar
Reminding us all
Of the more painful parts

My scars run deeper
Than you could ever see
So I can't be sure
Of what's underneath

Scars aren't permanent
The fade in time
And until then
I'll feel alright
Track Name: Liar
Ooh, you tell me
You're under his finger
Under the gun

Ooh, don't tell me
This isn't exactly
What you want

You could tell the world
You did everything
But we know the truth
We know the truth

You could tell yourself
You did everything
But you know the truth
You know the truth

Will make a liar out of you

Ooh, I told you
Where there's smoke there fire
And you're gonna get burned

Ooh, you tell me
Not to worry
Lesson learned

You didn't just sit there and watch
While the house burned down, no
You were throwing matches, gasoline

You didn't stop until you hit the ground
And you had the nerve to tell me
Could of sworn you were helping
Track Name: What Can I Say
What can I say
My tastes have changed
And that stupid girl
Doesn't feel like me anymore

I know it's been quiet
But I won't break the silence
Cause this stupid games
Doesn't seem so fun anymore

So let me say this in the worst possible way

You don't do it for me anymore, no

Well it's not the first time
But I swear it's just fine
Cause this has been a long time coming
And oh, what a waste
Some things never change
But now I'm the one who's walking away

You're moving up
But I'm moving on
So don't call me when you're lonely at the top
Just remember
When you get there
It's a long way down

I'm wishing you
nothing but the best
I hope that it
Was worth it
Track Name: Act My Age
This life's caught up with me
The real world's got me down
Youth and maturity
And I'm nowhere to be found

I still feel like a child
Despite the worldly things I say
I had you fooled
So I think I should act my age

On the edge of a dream
Time stands still
I can't move
And I don't know if I ever will

They think I'm wise beyond my years
They don't know it's all an act
I'm still so wet behind my ears
I am young and that's a fact
Track Name: After You Leave
Don't take it all
When you go to leave
Leave me something
To hold on to
If I can't hold on to you

I'm just not the same
When you're gone away
The waves just might
Carry me out to sea
If you don't hold on to me

Don't leave a mess
Worse than the one you made of me
Cause I know I won't
Have the strength to clean
After you leave